Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Answers to the Corsica Bullitinu Christmas Quiz

Here are the answers to the Christmas Quiz in the December 2010 Corsica Bullitinu! If you don't get the Bullitinu, you can subscribe by completing a brief application on Corsica Isula.

1. There are no venomous snakes in Corsica
2. They went first of all to Ajaccio (then later to Cargese, but the answer is Ajaccio)
3. Loto and Saleccia are two (but there are lots more)
4. The third part is Bassu
5. Fiadone
6. Sciacarellu is the answer. The other Corsican red wine grape, Niellucciu, also grows in Italy but is called something different there
7. Tino Rossi
8. The USA
9. Ponte Nuovu
10. Lavezzi Isles. A footballer called Ezequiel Lavezzi plays for Napoli and Argentina
11. Corsica's most popular beer, Pietra, contains chestnuts
12. Aleria, on Corsica's east coast. The photo above is of the ruins of the Roman Fort there
13. The King of Aragon
14. They are Haute Corse and Corse du sud
15. The Bureau of Investigation, later renamed the Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI. (FBI will do)
16. The third ferry company is the Italian operator Moby Lines
17. The 2nd Parachute Regiment (See Oct 18th 2009 entry in this blog)
18. The railway runs from Bastia in the north to Ajaccio in the south
19. The October Festival is the Festival du vent (Wind Festival)
20. The Corsican Nuthatch.

Happy Christmas everybody!

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