Monday, July 19, 2010


Interruption to normal service

I have been neglecting this blog, but I am hoping to be able to recommence my jottings on a more frequent basis as the year rolls forward.

Last October, just after returning from Corsica, I tested positive for prostate cancer and for the past eight months my life has been dominated by hospital visits, tests, more tests and finally, on 30th June, a spell in hospital to have the troublesome organ removed. I am now at home, gradually recovering and regaining use of various body functions. We are hoping to go back to Corsica for a couple of weeks later in the year.

Our last visit to our favourite island before my operation was a memorable one. Highlights were a drive between Ile Rousse and Ponte Leccia along the old, wild, pre-Balanina road, some wonderful evenings in our apartment watching the sun go down and an excellent concert featuring Meridianu in Algajola.

We are getting rather fond of Algajola. Somehow, we managed to eat at the U Castellu restaurant there on two occasions. It's a shame we can only get there by car from where we stay.

We managed a few shortish walks. One was a stroll to the Genoese tower at Punta Caldanu - the surrounding land was covered in Immortelle when we were there. Immortelle is a kind of reminder to us (as if I needed it) that we are anything but immortal ourselves.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Parking your car under water? It'll cost you...

I have a lot of time for our local council in Calvi.

With a bit of help from elsewhere, they have made the main road into the city truly spectacular, with broad paved walkways and road islands festooned with wonderful flowers. It has made a real difference and I now feel that I am arriving somewhere amazing, even when I drive in to Super U to do the shopping!

Some time ago, however, I believe they made an error of judgement. Anybody could have made it and I'm not going to make a meal out of it...

There is a big unpaved area on the right as you drive past the supermarkets, and for years it has been a free car park, an unofficial overnight resting place for motor homes and a quick and easy route to the beach. What has happened recently is that about half the car park has been cordoned off and drivers parking there have been charged to park there.

So far so good. It just meant that on any one day, the free half of the area was crammed full of cars and there might have been one or two unwitting newcomers in the paying section of the area.

But I don't think the planners took account of the weather forecast or the drainage. This June, after torrential rain, the whole of the paying area of the car park was flooded, making entry impossible without serious inconvenience. And the free part remained dry.

Maybe the summer sun has dried out the pay-park for July and August and the Council will get their income - I'm sure someone will let me know. While I was there however, the car park looked more like an anchorage!

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