Thursday, March 30, 2006


Corsica's weather in Spring & Autumn

Corsica's visitors seem to be fascinated by the weather there off-season. What's it like? Is it wet? Is it warm? Are any bars and restaurants open? There are frequent posts on these subjects on forums such as Trip Advisor and VT Forum.

I've not been there often enough to answer the questions fully, but I can tell you what we found during the past six months. We were there for the last week of October last year and were on the island again earlier this month. Late last October, the weather was warm and sunny - not many places open, but there were places to eat and enough people around to make you feel welcome. We swam in the sea every day.

March was a diferent proposition. We had sun every one of our five days, but it rained on two as well. The temperature reached 20 degrees C on a couple of days, but the evenings were chilly. The great thing about March is the amount of snow on the mountains. They were spectacular seen from the Balagne coast. We had our lunch outside on the last day, but it was too cold to eat out in the evenings. We found Ile Rousse and Corte surprisingly busy at lunchtime, but found Calvi almost empty of people.

A thoughtful posting on one discusion group, from a resident of long standing, however, warns walkers against super-ambitious plans this early in the year: if you're going through the mountains, bring your snow gear, and be warned that many of the refuges will be closed.

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