Thursday, April 06, 2006


Air France's Paris dilemma

You won't find many moans on this site about events taking place north of Cap Corse, but I feel moved to make an exception today.

If Air France and its partner CCM are going to make the best of their dominant position on Orly-Corsica flights, they should take a look at the timetabling on the Air France website. Why? because if they don't give us a little more time, incoming passengers transferring from Paris CDG are going to start having heart attacks. Me, for instance!

You'd think that leaving two and a half hours between an incoming flight landing at Paris Charles de Gaulle and one leaving for Calvi from Orly would be sufficient, especially for a sprightly(ish) couple encumbered only by hand-baggage. However, one accident, one huge traffic queue on the infamous périférique caused the shuttle bus I was on last month to be delayed, and our group came within one minute of missing our connecting flight to Corsica. If we'd had hold baggage, we would have been at the mercy of CDG's sluggish and unpredictable baggage handling system - and probably would have spent the first night of our trip in Paris. We love Paris, especially in the springtime, but... well, we prefer Calvi.

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