Sunday, April 02, 2006


August feast, April famine

The love-hate relationship that exists between mainland France and Corsica enters the love phase in August. French people (by far the majority of Corsica's visitors) descend on the island in droves during August and some of the island's more popular resorts get pretty crowded.

In March and April however, many hotels are shuttered, bars and restaurants are closed and Corsica's tourist-based economy goes into reverse. This tourist feast-and-famine isn't too good for the island's wellbeing. I suspect that a major reason for the difference is that the published stats on the island's weather cover the whole island. Look at the rainfall for Corsica in May in an atlas, and you'd be forgiven for thinking that Corsica was under perpetual drizzle, puctuated by occcasional severe storms. In fact, much of the coastal zone - notably the deep south around Bonifacio and the Balagne region - gets splendid weather most of the spring and autumn. So don't be put off!

By visiting Corsica during the non-peak months, you'll have a better holiday, you'll probably have great weather, and you'll help to even out the island's load factors.

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