Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Bonifacio from underneath

I recently wrote a piece for Tripadvisor in which I decided to put down what I thought was the most spectacular view in Corsica.

It was tempting to put down the view from the train in the area around Vizzavona on the stretch between Punta Leccia and Ajaccio. Instead, I decided to opt for the view of Bonifacio, seen from a boat underneath the cliffs which support this ancient walled town.

The tragic thing about this place is that it is quite possible to visit this town and depart without getting the full impact of its amazing location. By staying in the harbour area, you see a pretty marina with lots of expensive yachts, some nice restaurants and plenty of people wearing designer clothes. If you make the effort to walk up into the Citadel, you will catch some glimpses of the cliffscape surrounding and underpinning the town. And you will see some houses that are built on the overhang, with the whole of at least one building suspended, it would appear, above the sea with very little visible means of support.

But take a boat (they will be plying for your trade shortly after you step out of your car in one of the not-too-easy-to-find car parks) and you will see a mediaeval walled town as you've never seen one before. Even fairytales don't feature architecture like this, so please don't go there without seeing it!

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