Sunday, April 09, 2006


Car hire in Corsica

A couple of phone calls from the island this weekend. The most sickening was from a friend and colleague who has borrowed our apartment there for a week.

The weather is warm, he says. He can see the sea from our balcony, he reminds me. And he’s about to open a bottle of chilled Corsican rosé. What a coincidence – I’m quite chilled too, and it’s been raining here in Britain.

Meanwhile, someone on Corsica Lista has been asking about hiring cars in Corsica. Is it better, he asks, to book it before you go, or just hope for the best when you get to the airport…? The answer is you always book it in advance, through someone like Carrentals (you can find them on or Holiday Autos.

When we hire a car there, we always go for the cheapest, most basic model without air-conditioning. Then, when you get there, they’ll usually give you a Peugeot 206 with air conditioning, and at no extra cost. I firmly believe that no-one on this island rents out cars without air-con these days and it’s pretty safe bet to go for the cheapest option and still get what you want.

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