Saturday, April 22, 2006


Chestnuts and Corsica

Last weekend the Financial Times ran an excellent travel feature ( Corsica, concentrating on the gastronomy rather than the Geography for once. Thanks to Rob for sending it to me.

Sarah Woodward, writing winningly about chestnuts and Corsican pigs, was the guest of Air France, who have been busy promoting their route to Corsica (London City Airport to Orly and thence direct to Ajaccio without the inconvenience of the cross Paris navette). Although the focus of the article seemed to be the Bocognano Chestnut Fair (next December), the thing that I took from the article was the fact that Corsicans aren't really into fish. Fish, according to Ms Woodward, is largely for the tourists. This is a fact I can relate to, not being a big fish eater myself - maybe another reason why I am unconsciously drawn to this island.

Meanwhile, fish or no fish, there is yet more discussion about Corsican honeymoons in the Corsica forum in Tripadvisor today. Are you still listening, Kylie?

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