Wednesday, April 05, 2006


In praise of

When most of us go on a public sector website and find it deficient or inaccurate it's tempting to throw ones' hand up and say "typical!". Then forget it.

Not so the author of Instead of just moaning about the paucity and irrelevance of information on buses and trains, she has created a detailed, accurate and up to date timetable of bus and train times that not only gives you the latest schedules, but also brings readers up to date on road and track works. Based in the Ajaccio region, this latter-day Corsican saint has another time-consuming business to run, and it's hardly surprising that her efforts have been praised so fulsomely in some of the discussion forums this week.

It has to be said that Corsica's public transport network is not the island's strongest feature. In fact, many visitors assume that they must hire a car when they come. But Corsicabus will help youngsters and other foot passengers get the best out of what there is, and if you're doing Corsica the hard way, this site is a must. Mind you, if you are heading into some areas of the interior, you're heading into territory that even doesn't quite reach. More on Corsica's trains in later posts.

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