Friday, April 21, 2006


Kylie and Corsica

After my suggestion that Corsica might become a trendy place to have a wedding or honeymoon (See April 16th) I get an email today from a friend informing me there's a rumour going around that Kylie Minogue intends to marry in Corsica.

Kylie, if you've been reading my blog, I'm, well, rather flattered. But you really don't have to do this just because I suggested it!

She's not the only Aussie that's taken a fancy to this island. Others I know include my daughter-in-law and her parents. The latter still like it even after having bought an air ticket to go there with Air Littoral a couple of weeks before it went bust. So that's at least three others.

More significantly, perhaps, the folks who look at the webstats on tell me that there has been a significant increase of late in the number of Australian visitors to this site. I am convinced that more people from the USA will be Corsica-bound over the next few years, so maybe the Aussies will be the next in line. And a Kylie wedding could be just the thing to get them interested... perhaps.

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