Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Ways of keeping in touch

No sooner had I sounded off about not being able to catch up with Corsican news while I'm still "over here", than I get a courteous and helpful letter from Corse Matin through the post about geting the Hebdo, Corse Matin's weekly supplement.

So yes, I'll be filling in the form and sending them a cheque. Getting the Hebdo every week will cost me 89.96 euros a year, including postage. And then my friend Will from Corsica Isula responds to the item I wrote last night (see his comment below) to tell me that I can get Radio Calvi Citadelle on their website ( and keep it on all day if I want.

If I do both these things, it seems to me that I will be able to practise both my French reading and listening skills, and also keep up with the latest news - getting a bit of my favourite music while I'm about it.

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