Sunday, May 28, 2006


Corsica discussion groups

If you are considering going to Corsica for a holiday or have some other query about the island it's a good idea to go on a discussion group and ask your question there. But which one?

There are three that I visit regularly. The busiest is probably Tripadvisor ( which is a busy site with some very knowledgeable people there who can answer questions on virtually any topic. Notable contributors include Aaardvark, Geoffchal and White Family. Much less busy, but worth visiting once in a while is Virtual Tourist ( There have been no discussions there since early April for some reason but if I had a question about transport on the island, walking, or accommodation I would go there instantly - and hope it is answered by Cerise22 who has an enormous fund of knowledge.

Finally, there is Corsica Lista, ( , run in association with the website Corsica Isula ( which is unique in that many of the members actually live here. Others live in the USA, Britain, and elsewhere. Whether your query is odd, quirky and tricky like "How is brocciu made?" or straightforward ("How do I get from Corte to Bastia?") someone on Corsica Lista will nearly always have the answer.

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