Thursday, May 04, 2006


Holiday shopping

Every now and again, you know, we do go to other places for our holidays. In 2002, we went to Jamaica. It was supposed to be the holiday of a lifetime, but half way through our time there we looked at each other over a rum punch and admitted that we'd rather be in Corsica.

I am determined to get to Istanbul one day soon. And last year, in late October, we had a few days in Florence before hopping on a boat and heading off towards our favourite island. While we were in Florence, I wanted to buy a smart outfit for my better half, but although we spent about a day and a half trudging the streets in the rain, we couldn't find anything (affordable!) that we both liked. Reluctantly, we gave up and concentrated our attentions on the fabulous churches and art galleries.

While we were in Corsica the following week, I suppose we had relaxed a little. Anyway, she did take a look at what Calvi's clothiers had to offer in ladies fashions one afternoon and, lo and behold, she found just the kind of outfit she was after.

My guess is that she felt better looking for clothes without me in tow (I was in a bar while this was going on, I think) but it does remind one that the Balagne has much more to offer than beaches, sunshine and culture. And churlish though it may be of me to say this, but the lower prices were welcome too!

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