Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Most beautiful airport in Europe?

Airports aren't usually thought of as things of great beauty, but St Catherine's Airport, Calvi is an exception. It is absolutely stunning.

The airport is just 5 km from the town centre, and is squeezed into a little valley with the sea at one end, and snow-clad mountains at the other. The main runway runs parallel to the Calenzana road to to the north and the route to Galeria and Porto in the south.

How the airport pays its way is anyone's guess - I'm just glad I'm not paying the bills. Sometimes there are just three or four flights a day and even in the summer there are often just a handful of people manning it. I often wonder what the people in the coffee bar, the paper shop and the carhire kiosks do all day between the flights.

Apart from the excitement of a parachute drop involving the Foreign Legion (See April 30th) and the occasional private plane, there really isn't much going on. However, the terminal building is spacious and modern, the service is quick and efficient and arriving here is a pleasure. Long may it continue.

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