Friday, June 30, 2006


An idyllic lunch

We had an invitation to a barbecue lunch last week at a B&B owned by our friends Isy and JP. This is one of the nicest and most relaxing places you could possibly want to stay on this blessed island – let me paint a picture for you.

Casaloha is on the outskirts of Galeria at the southernmost point of that part of northwest Corsica known as the Balagne. You get to it by taking the road to Porto, and it’s on your left a couple of kilometres beyond the Tourist Office.

The B&B is set in a garden of considerable size with lots of shady trees and fruit bushes, and you can walk through a rickety gate at the back to the banks of the Fango just beyond. Our friends planned this chambre d’hote with meticulous care and although there are only four bedrooms (each with its own balcony overlooking the Fango valley), each of them has its own character and personality. One is called Kent; one is called Hawaii and another is called India and there are hangings and furnishings to match each theme. It’s a rambling, comfortable place full of fascinating corners and terraces and if we didn’t have our own place close by I guess we’d stay there pretty often.

“Aloha” is Hawaian for “welcome” but one of the interesting things about Casaloha is its location. It’s one of the last few islands of civilisation on the west coast road as you head south towards Porto and Piana and if you are heading that way, it’s a great place to stay to fortify yourself for the (quite appalling) road ahead of you. It will cost you 50 euros a night for a room for two in all but the peak months, and you get breakfast included.

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