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We're planning our next visit to Corsica (15-29 June) and I am greatly looking forward to it. The early part of the season will be in full swing and I am sure that some time during our stay there will be a polyphony concert somewhere. If so, it will probably be in the Auditorium in Pigna.

Maybe there will be a concert by one of my favourites like A Filetta, A Cumpagna, Tempus Fugit or Isulatine. Or maybe there will be a concert by someone completely new that I have never heard of before. I will say this about Corsica: I have yet to visit the place and come back without finding out something new and delightful and surprising. So maybe I will "discover" a new polyphony group that will delight me - and leave me wanting to write something about it in this blog.

One evening some years ago I drove to Pigna in the expectation of hearing an all-female group (Not Isulatine). There had been a misunderstanding and only one of the group turned up, so the people who run the Auditorium sent out a search party around the village and found most of the members of A Cumpagna enjoying a quiet evening in Casa Musicale. They were dragooned into performing. The concert was fantastic, perhaps helped by the fact that it must have been spontaneous. And it was free... but of course we all left donations.

As I have said in a previous post, this music is not for everyone, but do give it a try. Whether you like it or not, it's part of Corsica's proud tradition and heritage and it deserves every visitor's attention and respect.

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