Thursday, June 08, 2006


Travel vibes

I spent part of the day yesterday with a senior executive of a travel company that sends a lot of people to Corsica each year.

It’s always interesting to talk to people like him about the destination in general and the state of the travel business there in particular. Because as well as going to Corsica, his firm goes to lots of other places as well - and he can see things in a sharper perspective than, well… me.

His opinion is that sales of packages to Corsica are down a little this year. Why? Because people like and, with their direct flights, are giving travellers other options. Options like buying a cheap flight on, then finding a villa, hotel or Chambre d’Hote and doing the whole thing for themselves. I’m sure he’s right.

There will always be room for UK companies offering all-in packages to destinations like Corsica, but I believe the DIY holiday to Corsica is set to rise as a phenomenon. Brits like to holiday in Spring and Autumn and Brits could nicely fill an income gap for the landlords and hoteliers on the island. It can only be good for Corsica that its critical dependence on France is loosened a little.

And it’s thanks to the Internet that all this has become possible.

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