Sunday, July 02, 2006


OK, let's face it I'm sexist

Two years ago we went to Lumio for a holiday during the Calvi Polyphony Festival and planned to take in at least two or three of the concerts.

Not being entirely familiar with all the groups taking part in those days, we found ourselves discussing whether to go to a performance by a group called Barbara Furtuna, or another called Isulatine. You’ll all be horrified to hear that we decided not to go to the Barbara Furtuna concert because it sounded like an all-woman group and we wanted the genuine article which was of course an all-male group of three or four men with scowls and gravelly voices.

Imagine our surprise when we went to the Isulatine concert only to find that the group was composed of three women – one with a voice every bit as gravelly as any male’s. As readers of this blog will know, the group became one of our favourites; we have yet to hear Barbara Furtuna – but I understand it is comprised of men.

I guess we should go to see them some time!

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