Monday, June 18, 2007


Backing a winner

I do back a winner every now and again. Not so long ago I wrote a short piece about Catherine d’Angeli - potter, sculptress and ceramic artist - and it seems she is beginning to get the recognition she deserves.

Visit the 12eme Rencontre d’Art de Calvi, and you will find a number of her works on display – a group of funny little penguins, a large and powerful looking raku bear and a carefully observed sculpture of a woman. Her work is exhibited there alongside such notable contemporary French artists as Hervé Loilier.

I paid Catherine another brief visit recently. Her big new studio in Santa Reparata is coming along – but it is not yet quite ready for action. She has started exhibiting her work in Corsica and is tentatively hoping to hold an introductory course for would-be students in September, but the latter must still wait until the electricity is connected!

On the same occasion, I discovered just what a talented and artistic family Catherine comes from, for her cousin is none other than Antoinette d’Angeli, leading lady in one of my favourite groups of Corsican singers, Isulatine (see previous posts), and, it would seem, one of the leading lights in the recent Calvi Jazz Festival.

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