Monday, October 08, 2007


Corsican skies

After a very frustrating day wrestling with France Telecom and the non-availability of the Internet in our little flat here (yes, I'm posting this late again, I'm afraid), tonight my wife and I decided to take a little walk to look at the sky.

We love the sea here. It’s an almost childish shade of blue in most places, most of the year. We saw it at its best on a short walk along Ostriconi beach yesterday. We also love Corsica’s mountains – especially the ones that glower at us over the Balagne (we can see them from our kitchen window every day). They are more than twice as high as anything in the UK, so to us they are - as the folk from the USA say - awesome.

But it’s Corsica’s sky I can’t get over. Move away from the big roads and the towns, the campsites and the résidences, and on a cloudless night you’ll experience Corsica’s skies. Use a bright torch to guide your steps on the way to a dark place, and then turn it off. Look up and enjoy.

The phrase “jewel-studded” springs to mind, but you must experience this for yourself.

PS. I think our little gobemouches hatched OK. When we came back last week after the summer, the nest on our porch was still there, but deserted. However, the nest lining was covered in tiny downy feathers and I have a feeling that some of the hatchlings will be revisiting us soon.

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