Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Surf’s up, Monsieur

Algajola is a quiet little place even for a Mediaeval walled town – but it wasn’t on 20th September 2007 when the surfers came to town.

After a day and night of strong westerly winds, the sea was monstrous and bathers were surprised to see huge breakers crashing into the shore both around the city itself and along the entire stretch of beach at nearby Aregno Plage. A guy on the beach was doing a roaring trade hiring out surfboards, and to this untrained eye, I reckon the biggest breakers were around 3m high from trough to crest.

Unusual for the Mediterranean. A lady serving in a beach café confirmed that although Algajola gets its fair share of big waves, this sea was unusually big. One or two surfers were doing their stuff with proficiency, but my guess is that most of the experts were from places other than Corsica. The locals can’t get much practice!

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