Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Through Corsica's mountains in comfort and style

The backbone of Corsica's beautiful interior is undoubtedly the famous narrow gauge railway, built in the 1800s, connecting Bastia with Ajaccio.

One of my aspirations for 2009 is to take at least part of this journey on the new, super-swish trains that are coming into service in the mountains for the first time this year. The journey is certainly one of the most spectacular train journeys in Europe, and I have a feeling that the new trains will enhance rather than detract from the experience (see the entry for May 17th 2006 below).

Some lucky folk will be the first to try out Holiday Options' new rail-centred holiday, taking in a couple of nights each in Bastia, Corte and Ajaccio.

The stay in Bastia offers a chance to explore the ancient walled town and the nearby wildness of Cap Corse; Corte was Pasquale Paoli's mountain fastness; Ajaccio was Napoleon's birthplace. If you're into history and spectacular scenery, this has got to be one to try in 2009.

Let's hope they're not delayed by wild horses on the line between Vizzavona and Ajaccio, as we were a little while ago. Still, it's a rather more credible excuse than "reaction to a delayed incoming service" which seems to be the favourite on Southwest Trains here in the UK!

That's a lovely photo - certainly, down the years, I've been on Corsican trains which have slowed down or stopped for a vraiety of animals (and dopey human beings), but never horses. But does anyone know what may be happening with the survey of the east coast line which was announced a couple of years ago with a view to it's possibly being reinstated? It's restoration would give an economic boost both to the construction industry (perhaps leaving road reconstruction alone for a while!) and to tourism, but I've heard nothing about this ambitious plan recently.
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