Saturday, September 25, 2010


Adventures on hold

Friday’s winds have brought our adventures to a temporary halt. What we thought of as a quick dip in the sea at Lozari turned into a swim of less than two minutes as Chris was bowled over by a particularly strong wave. She has somehow damaged her back and can scarcely move.

As usual, it happened at the beginning of the weekend when doctors and nurses leave their surgeries unattended. So we’ve been hanging round the apartment rather a lot and I have been making use of the pool here at the résidence.

Though I love snorkelling, I’m not a keen surface swimmer and have always found swimming lengths of a pool exhausting and boring. Here however, I can bear it. The views of Calvi and the Revelatta peninsula from our poolside are spectacular. In the morning the trees along the east side of the pool cast a speckly shadow over the sunbeds and one can spread out in cool comfort between dips. This morning there was a red kite wheeling overhead as I swam.

And Chris has been doing a lot of reading. To give herself a break from Barack Obama’s worthy autobiography, she’s been reading the Corse Matin women’s supplement, entitled Femina. For some reason, this week’s editorial makes a passing reference to the piratical practices of Captain Hook and we were both amused to realise that the French name for that fearsome pillager and plunderer is Capitaine Crochet...

It’s no wonder there aren’t many famous French pirates - though the word Corsair is derived from Corsica so I guess there were a few of ‘em around here.

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