Wednesday, September 01, 2010


More stuff about fruit

Whenever we go to Corsica, I'm always conscious of the stuff I'm not doing at home and the jobs we have to before we go.

With an all-clear from the hospital following my operation, I'll be going to my favourite island with a lighter heart than I did in June, but we do have a less weighty concern on our minds now.

It mainly concerns fruit. Following a peach glut, a french bean glut, a plum glut, a courgette glut and a tomato glut in our garden here in the UK, we now have a fig glut and an apple glut to contend with. We've had courgette cake and cougette salad, beans with everything and home made tomato soup even though we've given lots away. I think Chris is giving us a peach smoothie and some plum crumble this evening and she's now talking about a compote of figs.

We can freeze some of this of course but there is only so much room in the freezer. I think a second freezer is going to become a necessity.

And the most annoying thing? After we land in Corsica's Figari Airport next Saturday, our first port of call will be to Super U in Porto Vecchio where we will have to stock up on, amongst other things ... fruit and vegetables.

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