Thursday, October 13, 2011


Aaargh! Painting!!!

Well that was nice. Now,it’s back to earth with a vengeance. It seems we have to decorate the séjour (living room).

The worst bit of painting is taking all the pictures down (two Doutreleau prints and some photos of echinoid shells taken by one of our sons) plus shifting the furniture around so we can get at the walls.

After a quick trip into Calvi to get some provisions, we launch ourselves at the ceiling and walls. Why have we chosen white? Again? You can’t tell if you have painted it or not and hours after we’d finished, I am still finding bits that haven’t been done.... As I sit here I can see two or three bits of ceiling that look a bit too shiny.

We did escape to the beach at about 4.45pm. It was lovely and sunny and warm as it has been all week, and we had a wonderful swim. Our new pal – the cormorant featured in a recent blog – was there on the rocks keeping an eye on us but he had decided he wasn’t joining us today.

This is the ninth day of continuous sunshine, and the five-day forecast in Corse Matin says it’s set to continue. More painting tomorrow but we should have it licked by around 11.30.

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