Saturday, October 08, 2011


A day of doing very little

We have had an extraordinarily busy few weeks what with family visiting from Australia and our 40th Wedding Anniversary, and we arrived in Corsica yesterday feeling like squeezed out dishcloths. So today we did very little!

Up at about 10. Yes! The weather is sunny and warm!

A quick swim in the lovely pool of our complex.

Back to the flat to do some unpacking and tidying up (including mending the plug in the bathroom sink).

Coffee! Just about woken up at this point.

12.45 - Off to Calvi for a Panini lunch and some shopping.

Back to the flat to put the groceries away, then off to the beach at Arinella, where we note to our delight that the Mata Hari restaurant is still open for the late season. Note for later in the week.

A flat calm sea and a relaxing snorkel – lots to see and plenty of quite large fish. I go to sleep on the beach. Hope our neighbours don’t notice my snores!

Back to the flat around 4.45pm for a cup of tea and a very late siesta.

Wake up at 7pm!!! I make us spaghetti Bolognaise and we crack open an ice-cool bottle of Corsican rosé...

That feels much better. I read a bit of my book (Transition, by Iain Banks) and decide to update my blog – long overdue! Sorry readers!

PS. Another apology - I am afraid the next few entries were written offline, so they will be a few days late...

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